Who Is Vee

 My looks may cause butterflies to climb your stomach and take your breath away making you unable to speak, but my humorous personality will ultimately make you ever so calm, immersing you in a relaxed trance like state reminding you of why it is that you craved so dearly for me in the first place. If it's for but a moment, or hours I will be your pleasure and your muse. Your seductress with such a gentle touch. The fantasy you never knew you needed until you were engulfed by it, leaving you to spend countless nights yearning for it till you see me again. Be sure to check out my gallery, I would love for you to see my art as it constantly does change.

Who am I? That is a very interesting question. I'm a beautiful, educated, young lady, with dreams of travel and exploration. I'm a sensual and affectionate  girl who truly wants every time we meet to feel amazing and fulfilling. I look ever so sexy in some heels and a little black dress, as I do in some jeans and sneakers. All my curves you will love to trace and wonder how someone could possibly be carved  so beautifully. My skin, ever so soft to the touch, wanting to be felt. Once meeting me you will absolutely adore me. My contagious smile will be what first sweeps you off your feet . Then my my words will take you away. Once you are utterly consumed by my radiant personality is when you will see why I truly am your Ultimate Girlfriend Experience. Be sure to read my what some had to say about me at the end, they are real!!!!

Though I do Exude sexiness in every aspect of myself, I am also a kind, beautiful and gentle soul. I likely will make you burst into laughter while we are together embracing one another. I am your best friend, your lover, and your confidant. I am your ultimate sweet escape in every way, and I am truly excited for you to experience me.

till we meet,



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Gift Cards

Here you will find some gift cards for sites that I use frequently if you would like to get me and practical and much appreciated gift . Gift cards can be emailed to veronica.williams19@outlook.com

Would like to know more about me? We've reached out to ask some people you may know how they feel about Veronica Williams, Here's what they had to say:

" Could you please tell her to return my calls, have been trying to get her on my show for weeks."

~ Jimmy Kimmel

"Meh, she's okay I guess. Though, a real smart ass sometimes." 

~My Mom 

"Though she is Canadian, I truly feel she will be the first black woman president of the United States."

~Barack Obama

"She has the most beautiful dreads I've ever seen, needs to lighten up on the conspiracy theories."

~ My Hairdresser

"She tells an annoying amount of dad jokes. But Amazing in bed 10/10 would recommend."

~My Ex

"I have no idea who that is.... how did you get this number?"

~ Queen Elizabeth

"Absolutely beautiful, should probably not go into stand up..."

~Dave Chappelle

Shoe size: 9.5 Womens

Dress size: Medium

Bra size: 34DD

Waist: 29" 

Hips: 39. 1/2"

Obsessions : Designer purses, bags, Luggage

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